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Unlike most telecom consulting companies that will do anything to find a way in the door, save clients some money and take a percentage of the savings and walk away (which sounds pretty good), we are the opposite.  We can do it that way too if you’d like, but our unique strategy and business model serves our business partners much better.  We want to work with our partners for as long as they’d like us to, we work to be an extension of their company and offer much more than any other telecom management company.  We are committed to our partners, even if it means going above and beyond without being compensated for our time per se, we work hard to build long lasting relationships.  Generally speaking, once our foot is in the door, it is a win-win and the relationship is mutually beneficial.  In most cases, companies will stumble across a high phone or internet bill, hire a telecom consulting company to investigate the findings and find a way to reduce costs and move on.  A company will come in, make changes, take a percentage of the savings and be on their way.  The problem with this is that when the negotiated pricing and contracts expire and the services go back to billing ‘rack rate’, you need to outsource again and go through the entire process again.  This means paying out a percentage of your savings again…and again…and again.  Not with us.  We are an extension of your company!

What we do is a little different.  We manually track and audit all voice and data invoices, use our industry knowledge and resources to negotiate better pricing and contracts, work directly with the vendors and service providers (which we have great long standing relationships with ALL of them) for all adds, moves and changes so you, the customer don’t have to take time away from doing what you are supposed to be doing.  Throughout the invoice auditing process, we create a master inventory database that includes all pertinent information relating to your voice and data services, we document the monthly cost associated with each line of service, contract terms, per minute usage rates for local and long distance calls, etc…It makes sense while looking at the bills, to inventory everything and know where it all is rather than scrambling and reacting to situations if and when they come up, and in telecom, they always do.  It allows organizations like yours to know exactly what you have at a glance and what it all costs.  You know ahead of time when contracts will expire and can be proactive in negotiating new contracts as needed.  This has proven to be very beneficial to our partners, especially those in the healthcare sector.  Being able to identify alarm lines, fax lines, backup lines, DID’s, internet circuits and all of that is very useful information.

Understandably, saving money for our partners is the most attractive part of our service offering and we are the best in the world at delivering that.  But in addition to that, we are an extension of your company.  What that means is, if a partner has 50 locations and there are issues with fax lines at location X or an issue with an alarm line at location Y, a PRI or phone system is hard down at location Z, rather than having to contact the phone companies, open tickets and deal with that whole process time and time again, you simply call us and we handle all of it.  Our dedicated team works around the clock to be the best in the world at what we do and to make your life easier.  This affords you the ability to stay on task with your core duties.  We have relationships with specific representatives at all service providers for all business sectors, such as retail chains, grocery store chains, hotel chains and healthcare .  Whether it’s a phone system issue, a billing issue, a new service order, service issues or anything under the telecom umbrella, we manage and support all of it.  We love what we do, we have an EXCEPTIONAL team and it is realized very quickly that the relationship with RJ10 is mutually beneficial.  We can’t stress enough that the last thing we want our partners to feel is that they are overpaying for our service or not getting as much as they expect/expected.  When our partners see first hand how hands on we are and how much weight we take off their shoulders, it all makes perfect sense and the relationships last a very long time.  We are an extension of your company and cannot wait to work with you.

As an example, we have partnered with a large healthcare organization with roughly 100 facilities.  After reviewing voice and data invoices for roughly 60 of them and through invoice auditing, negotiating better pricing for services and disconnecting services that were not being used or needed any longer, their savings were approximately $300,000.00/year in telecom expenses.  Yes, that is $300,000.00/year.  This partner was simply overpaying for analog lines, PRI’s  and internet connectivity all over the map. In addition to the savings that have far exceeded what we even projected, we managed and upgraded several of their phone systems, created a master inventory that includes all of their voice and data services and have continued to support their facilities with all voice and data issues as they come up.  We track everything on a “project savings” log for you so you know exactly what we have saved and how we did it.  Not every partner will realize $300,000.00 in annual savings, but what we can promise is that whatever savings are possible, we will find every last bit of it.

Thank you for your time and check back soon!

Randy A. Casey Jr.

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