Organized phone line inventory saves time, trouble and cost!

We see it all the time with healthcare organizations; survey time rolls along and what better time than when the state is in your facility for your phone service or alarm line(s) to go down?  Time and time again, companies across all business sectors react to this type of situation and scramble to figure out what phone line is down, what lines are connected to the alarm panels, what your backup lines are, who the provider is and what the account numbers are.  If your surveyor is not having the best of days and this issue is not addressed in a timely manner, this can be a very costly situation for your facility.  This can also be a dangerous situation, when alarm panels are not communicating with the alarm company and/or you can’t make or receive calls at the facility in the event of a medical emergency…this is not good.

In times of need and in general, RJ10 has your back.  No longer will you NOT  know what your phone lines are being used for or who the provider is.  RJ10 creates a master inventory database that includes  all your voice and data services, contract terms and what each line of service costs your facility each month.  We save you and your staff the time it takes dealing with the phone vendors and phone companies without compromising the safety of your staff and your customers.  We make your life easier, we keep your business connected and keep your phone service and phone system ready to go at all times!

Check back soon for more conversations about these issues and many others that businesses deal with regularly.  Thanks for visiting!

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