What We Do

Unlike most telecom management companies that will do just about anything to get a foot in the door and take a percentage of the savings they find for you and walk away (which sounds pretty good), our business model and mission represent something different.  We can certainly do it that way too if you’d like, but our unique strategy and business model serve our clients much better.  Our goal is to work with our clients for long periods of time; we work as an extension of their companies and offer much more than any other telecom management company can.  We are committed to our clients and we work hard to build long lasting relationships every single time.  Once our ‘foot is in the door’, it is a win-win and the relationship is mutually beneficial.  In most cases, companies will stumble across a high phone or internet bill, hire a company or independent contractor to investigate the findings and find a way to reduce costs and simply move on.  Typically, these firms will make changes, take a percentage of your savings and be on their way, offering nothing more than a one time “service call”.  The problem with this is that when the negotiated pricing and contracts expire and the services go back to billing at ‘rack rate’, you need to outsource yet again and repeat the process.  This means paying out a percentage of your savings again…and again…and again.  Not with us.  RJ10 is an extension of your company!

What we do is different.  Depending on your company’s specific needs, we do many things.  We manually track and audit all voice and data invoices, use our industry knowledge and resources to negotiate better pricing and contracts and work directly with the vendors and service providers for all adds, moves and changes, so that you, their customer, don’t have to take time away from your core duties.  We create a master inventory database that includes all relevant information relating to your voice and data services.  This allows organizations like yours to know exactly what you have at a glance and what it all costs.  You know ahead of time when contracts will expire and we will be proactive in reviewing and renewing existing contracts and negotiate better ones when possible.  This has proven to be very beneficial to our clients, especially those in the healthcare and hospitality sectors.  Being able to quickly identify alarm lines, fax lines, backup lines, direct dial numbers and internet circuits has proven to be very useful information.

Understandably, saving money for our clients is the most attractive part of our service offering and we take pride in saying we are the best in the world at delivering that.  Our dedicated team works around the clock to be the best in the world at what we do and to make your life easier.  This affords you and your team the ability to stay on task with your core duties.  We are an extension of your company and cannot wait to work with and do the same for you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!